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Exploring life extension

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11 Feb Exploring Life Extension Immortality Institute Film wayofnaturalhistory.com The Immortality Institutes science documentary, Exploring Life. A film by the Immortality Institute that explores various aspects of artificial life extension including cryonics, caloric restriction, transhumanism, and. 10 Feb IEET Fellow Aubrey de Grey, IEET Executive Director James Hughes, IEET Advisor Martine Rothblatt, and IEET Board member Michael.

15 Apr Designers however lack expertise to design for product life extension (through longer product life, refurbishment, remanufacturing) and product. Watch Exploring Life Extension by Charalampos Sarantoglou on Dailymotion here. Browse Gaia's collection of life extension videos covering longevity research, the science and research exploring life extension, growing old, and immortality.

16 Dec Exploring choices and societal viewpoints. to assess life-extending, end-of-life (EoL) treatments imply that health gains from such treatments. Exploring the Amazon image By Jeffrey Laign. Scientists are searching for miracle drugs to extend our lives, as healing plants abound in the rain forest. The Immortality Institute's science documentary, Exploring Life Extension, aims to create a realistic impression of the modern scientific pursuit of Life Extension. Exploring Life Extension. 6 likes. Movie. Exploring Life Extension. Share. Exploring Life Extension. Unofficial Page. English (US); Español · Français ( France). Be respectful to others - this includes no hostility, racism, sexism, bigotry, etc. Submissions must be future focused; Images must be infographics.

Tails are the extension beyond the main part of an animal's body. Tails are useful for many reasons: they help animals to fly, swim, steer, climb, communicate. Suppose one is interested in knowing the average length of life of brand A Suppose one needs to know the life extension provided by using an artificial heart. A film by the Immortality Institute that explores various aspects of extreme life extension including cryonics (cryogenics), caloric restriction, transhumanism, and . Exploring life extension. Request your free copy now.” • “Fighting aging. It's all in your attitude.” • “Ambrosia for Fighting Aging. That magic molecule that can.