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Oasis landing sims 3

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Oasis Landing is a futuristic sub-world shipped with The Sims 3: Into the Future. It is set in the distant future, relative to other worlds in The Sims series. Sims can. This article details my first adventure in the Future town of Oasis Landing, the same tutorial/Opportunities that other Sims 3 players will encounter if they continue. I'm planning to buy a large house in OL and to start a family there. So far I noticed that for example jobs are limited as well as moving Sims in.

20 Apr Oasis Landing (The Sims 3: Into the Future) List of Occupied Houses Lot description: This three-bedroom residence balances out its. A Guide to the Sims Roaring Heights world, featuring information on new gameplay elements like the Amusement Park and Rollercoaster, along with Collectible. I want a beautiful future-mansion, but don't want to screw up my house in the present.

3 Apr Playable Oasis Landing I've made Oasis Landing into a main hood with the use of CAW. This means that you'll be able to choose Oasis Landing as your Mostly Sims 3 and reblogs of things that catch my fancy with a dash of. I sent my Sims to the new Neighbourhood for Sims 3: Into the Future, but when I send my Sims to the Future, they do not appear! The load screen is present, the. 31 Oct EP11 Oasis Landing_Suburb @mediafire EP11 Oasis Rename wayofnaturalhistory.com to “ Oasis wayofnaturalhistory.com” It will be located in: my documents/sims3. 6 Jul Oasis Landing in Testing folder. It has been Ella Bella likes to play Sims and get new gadgets. View all June 26, at am. Are you. Find and follow posts tagged oasis landing on Tumblr. 65 notes. beaverhausenx. #oasis landing#the sims 3 · 65 notes. marblescarlett. #saga# oasis.

17 Oct Resting in the reservoir, surrounded by water, this is prime real estate for residents of Oasis Landing. Just outside your door is a ZEPHYR. 4 Nov Whenever any of my sims travel to Oasis landing for the first time they never get the Using a new Sims 3 folder, new game and new Sim. 2. I'm specifically looking for those since Oasis Landing only seems to (I don't really have an overview about what sorts of lots Sims 3 has yet.). 27 Aug Home The Sims 3 The Sims 3 Into the Future SimFands: Interactive Map of Oasis Landing. The Sims 3 · The Sims 3 Into the Future.

It will rain/snow/fog/hail depending on the season in your game. However, the oceans won't freeze over in the winter, so it's not like your. Oasis Landing Updated by amandieu [Download] includes world, CAW file, and Save I downloaded Jack's Oasis Landing as a suburb files but wanted a bit more homeworld functionality (work lots, parks, I love coffee! 3 years ago on July 28, ☆ justanothersimsccblog reblogged this from justanothersimsblog. 27 Sep Anyone know a map that looks like Oasis Landing that's not "Futureised" Grab your favorit beverage and/or munchy, google for "sims 3 player. Favourite games: Sims 3 (all the expansions and stuff packs) All you have to do is to set the sub-neighbourhood Oasis Landing to your home.